Monday, September 20, 2004

Sina hu kasse Si Bush esta ki mapokka' i tano'

In another one of President Bush's stirring speeches before a carefully selected and programmed audience, he once again made an complete moron out of himself. After being asked by an attentive and oddly informed person from the audience about the draft, the president responded saying don't worry, just trust us. Here's the text:

Plant in the audience: Mr. President, if the war on terrorism continues, do you feel that there will be a need for the draft? And do you want to start the draft again?

Pre-programmed president who has forgotten his cue card: Yes, first of all, the war on terror will continue. It's going to take awhile. And, no, we don't need a draft. What we need to do is -- don't worry about it. What we need to do is to make sure our troops are well-paid, and well-housed, and well-equipped.

Lana umbe, kao un hulat humongge na bula na Chamorro yan otro na taotao pau bota este na brinede? Fihu ngoknok i kuentos-na Si Bush, sina hu kasse gui' esta ki mapokka' este na tano' (mundo).

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