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Inacha'igen Fino' CHamoru 2019


Klas Mamfok

Ever since we created the Chamorro Studies Program at UOG, there has been an expected tension within the university over what should or should not constitute the program offerings. While there isn't much debate over whether the Chamorro Studies program should offer courses in Chamoru language, Chamoru history or that discuss Chamoru culture from a theoretical perspective, there are regular disagreements over whether or not the program should offer "culture" courses. As someone who went off to grad school with the intent of helping to "decolonize" the University of Guam, a place where I had received my BA and my first MA, this conflict is usually very personal.

Most everyone can agree that academia should make room for "indigenous knowledge" in a trendy or fad-like sense. In the same way in which everyone might want to connect something about climate change to their work to be aligned with prevailing intellectual currents, we find something similar in …

12 Days of Christmas - Guam 2018 Election Version

Last month for UOG's annual Chamoru Christmas celebration "Puengen Minagof Noche Buena" my Radical Chamoru History class performed their own version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" using Chamoru and also references from the Fanuchånan semester and Guam's recent election. It was a lot of fun watching them write it and as you can see in this picture, they used appropriate props when performing it. Here are their lyrics:

"I fine’nina na Krismas, este ma susedi
I fine’nina na na palao'an gobietno
(The first day of Christmas, this is what took place
The first female governor (of Guam!))

I mina’dos na Krismas, este ma susedi
Dos na Påkyo
(The second day of Christmas, this is what took place
Two typhoons (that happened during the semester))

I mina’tres na Krismas, este ma susedi
Tres freskon mannok
(The third day of Christmas, this is what took place
Three fresh chickens (new fresh, faces in the Legislature)

I mina’kuåtro na Krismas, este ma susedi
Kuåttru na gåyu

State of the Movement Live Stream

Tune in to Fanachu! on Facebook, Friday, January 4th, 2019 from 9am-12pm for a special live stream event, "State of the Movement."