Monday, September 27, 2004

Forum gi Fino' Chamoru nu i Manmalalagu para Ofisinan Senadot

Gi i mamamailla na mes, para u guaha Forum para i manmalalagu para ofisinan pulitikat gi fino' Chamorro. Hu tugiyi Si Sinora Rosa Salas Palomo yan Si Sinot Pedro Onedera dos na finaisen, para i manmalalagu, estegue unu ginnen i dos.

"Antes di I gera, manhalom magi I Amerikanu siha, ya ma fa’tinas eskuela guini, hinangain-niha para u na’apaka yan civilize I Chamorro siha. Gi este na eskuela siha, ti ma fa’na’gue I famagu’on put I eriyan-niha, island-niha pat kutturan-niha. Enlugat di ayu, ma na’eyak I Chamorro siha put I estorian US, I ketturan US yan I lenguahin US. Achokka’ sina ta konfotme todu pa’go na mampos baba ayu, guaha annok an un atan I sisteman eskuela pa’go na ti meggai matulaika desde ayu na tiempon colonial. Kana’ pupuru ha’ colonial I curriculum pa’go, achokka’ didide’ matulaika. Hunggan pa’go mafa’na’na’gue fino’ Chamorro gi I eskuela siha, lao sigi ha’ mane’eyak I famagu’on Guahan put I tano’ US enlugat di I tano’ Guahan. Sigun I hagas na kongresu Si Robert Underwood, anggen malago hit muna’latomtom I famagu’on-ta, debi di ta na’lalocal yan na’laregional I finana’guen I eskuela-ta siha. Pot hemplo, enlugat di estorian US, fa’na’gue estorian Micronesia. Enlugat di estorian Europa, fa’na’gue estorian Pasifiko pat Asia. Hafa sina ta cho’gue put este na prublema? Hafa sina ta cho’gue kosaki ta suhayi este na ginaddon colonial, ya mismo na’faneyak I famagu’on Guahan?"


Anonymous said...

Can you please translate this to English?

Anonymous said...

I doubt anyone would. Chamorro's are a crooked people that believe only they are the supreme race and no one is equal on their isle.

I say America should leave them and give the island back to Japan.

Sahuma Minagahet said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sahuma Minagahet said...

Thank you second anonymous person for your moronic comment. Please identify yourself so that I can make disparging remarks about your people. If you are American (and I'm guessing you are, white brown, whatever, but definitely someone who thinks they are), then its almost limitless how much evil crap your country has done, yet pretends has never happened or acts as if it was in the best interests of those it bombed, killed, colonized, sold out or just plain ruined.

For example, start protesting that Guam needs to be cut lose and left alone with America pulling out. Watch how quickly you will be turned into a hippie pinko commie anti-war whacko because of how you're undermining America's drive for global power and dominance. Guam is crucial strategically for the US and its attempts to keep Asia's markets and military in check, if you told Rumsfeld to "cut and run" from Guam, he'd treat you disdainfully like some moronic anti-war protestor, because you are too fucking stupid to see how much the US needs Guam if its going to project its military power and therefore make sure everyone follows its interests.

Lastly, from the comment that Chamorros think they are the "supreme" race, its obvious that you consider yourself the supreme race and therefore you are appalled that a "lower" race would even consider itself exceptional, even its own homeland. Americans want everyone you comes to their "land" to learn and speak English, if you are on Guam, learn and speak Chamorro asshole.


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