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Finattan Finayen Fino'

A special presentation by Chamorro Studies student at UOG as part of the 2019 MARC Seminar Series. Sen gefpågo este na dinanña'. Ya-hu taiguihi na fina'pos, sa' ta na'fåmta' i lengguahi ya ta na'gof oppan gui' lokkue'!

It featured presentations by students at the CM102, 202 and 302 levels. It also featured some very special presentations by my CM340 of Chamoru Culture students. One of whom Joe "Dågu" Babauta is included below in a video with his original song that he shared.

Gayera Authenticity

My two columns from earlier this year published in the Pacific Daily News on the ban of cockfighting in the US territories. I've been slowly working towards an article on this topic, targeting two main aspects. 

First, the debate over whether or not we can consider cockfighting to be part of Chamoru culture or whether it is really Chamoru or not. This is deployed in very interesting ways in this debate, as people seem to feel that if it isn't really Chamoru then it is ok and right to ban it. Whereas others tie to a strong, grounded sense of authenticity in contrast to perceived sort of softness of Americanized life.  Very interesting sort of discursive dancing around authenticity. 

Second, the role that Guam's political status plays in the cockfighting ban. Some people argue that we don't necessarily see Guam's colonial status at play here, since this is just another way that big government in Washington, the elites impose things on the little man. This way of framin…

Inacha'igen 2019 Schedule

TENTATIVEInachá’igen Schedule 2019 Inachá’igen Fino’ CHamoru  March 11 and 12, 2019 UOG CLASS Lecture Hall and Calvo Field House
Monday, March 11, 2019, CLASS Lecture Hall, 12 noon – 5 p.m.
12 noon                       Participants and Schools Registration                                     CLASS Lecture Hall opens
12:30 p.m.                   Monday Competition Opens Guam and CNMI National Anthems and Inifresi                                     Welcoming Remarks by Dean, CLASS, Dr. James Sellmann                                     Welcoming Remarks by Inachá’igen Chair, Siñot Joey Franquez                                     Housekeeping Matters
1:00 p.m.         Storytelling/Umestoria K - 1:             Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic                                                                                     Merizo Martyrs Memorial Elementary                                                                                     Kagman Elementary