Thursday, September 16, 2004

Save Our Island, Don't sell you Land!

By Monique Hudgens, 11 Years Old, Agana Heights, written 1989

If you would drive around Guam. what would you see?
You would mostly see hotels, shopping centers, buildings, motels,
big buildings, tourist sites and many other things.
If you think about it some of these things don't even benefit the people of Guam.
The people of Guam shouldn't sell their land or Guam will have over 200 hotels.
In the Bible is says, "Do not sell you land because you may want it back."
In a few more years Guam will look more like a hotel paradise
than a paradise of beauty. Do you want an island of beauty, paradise and nature or an island of big bulldozers hurting our island's soil for some money-making hotel? The answer is "no!"
Don't sell your land. It's worth a thousand words.
It's your choice, decision and island. Be wise. Enough is enough!
We waited too long! The push must come to a shove! Basta ilek-hu ahe'!
If you love your island than say no.
Save our heritage for the next generation of kids.
Who would see Guam as a beautiful paradise.

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