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Ni' Ngai'an Ta'lo, unless Hami i Mampekno'

Si Justin Raimondo i mas ya-hu na "conservative." Ya-hu gui' put i hinasso-na put gera yan gumegera. Guiya i ma'gas i website

Ya gi todu i internet yan i telebishon, todu ma sasangan put i nuebu na hinatmen Israel kontra i Taotao Palestine, ya Israel la'mon yan gaihustisia este na pinino' siha. Taimanu taiguini? Gi Ethnic Studies, siempe para bei in alok na este na isaon Amerikanu yan Israel, todu put "national security" yan "ina'paka."

Lao yanggen humalom hao gi, sina un taitai mas magahet mas minagahet na tinige' put este na gera yan todus i geran pa'go na tiempo siha.

Fihu hu gof chatli'e i Nasion Israel put este na chine'gue. Tufong gi unu na kannai-mu kuantos na taotao Israel mampinino' ni' i taotao Palestine? Sina un na'omlat i numero gi unu na kannai-mu. Lao "no way palau" na un hulat tumufong todu i manmatai gi i bandan Palestine gi i kalulot-mu gi unu na kannai-mu.…

The Fruits of Our Labor

There are a handful of promising signs in both the United States and Guam that those who care about labor or class issues from a "progressive" or "liberal" slant, will have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

There are plenty of labor activists out there who are praising Obama's selection of California Congresswoman Hilda Solis as Secretary of Labor. In 2000 she received a Profiles in Courage Award, click here to read a statement from Senator Ted Kennedy on her work.

There is also hope that the Democrats and Obama will be good on their promise to pass a "Union Bill" next year, which will be aimed at revitalizing unions in the United States and making it easier for employees to become unionized. This will be an incredibly important bill, especially in the context of the recent debate over whether or not to bail out the big American auto-makers. Whereas the government was more than eager to bail out massive corporations without unions, for some reason…

The Island Snowman Within

Gaige yu' ta'lo giya San Diego. Gi este yan i otro na simana para bei in asodda' yan iyo-ku "department" put i dissertation-hu.

Magof-hu na gaige gui' guini, sa' esta kana' maleleffa i "fino' academic" put i gaige-ku giya Guahan.

My department at UCSD, Ethnic Studies is in the midst of rebuilding itself after losing several faculty over the past few years. So last week and this week the department is being visited by several candidates, each of whom is meeting with faculty, students and giving jobs talks. I went to the one this morning, and also got to have lunch with the job candidate with other students. It was a good chance to catch up with other students, find out what is going on with their work, whether it be a thesis, a qualifying exam or a dissertation.

At the lunch, I heard updates from one student whose thesis and soon her dissertation will be on Agent Orange use in the Vietnam War. I'm not sure yet what approach she's go…

Workers Laid Off, Executives Paid Off

Published on Thursday, December 18, 2008
by The Capital Times (Wisconsin)
Workers Laid Off, Execs Paid Off
by Amy Goodman

The global financial crisis deepens, with more than 10 million in the U.S. out of work, according to the Department of Labor.

Unemployment hit 6.7 percent in November. Add the 7.3 million "involuntary part-time workers," who want to work full time but can't find a position. Jobless claims have reached a 26-year high, while 30 states reportedly face potential shortfalls in their unemployment insurance pools.

The stunning failure of regulators like the Securities and Exchange Commission was again highlighted, as former NASDAQ head Bernard Madoff (you got it, pronounced "made off") was arrested for allegedly running the world's largest criminal pyramid scheme, with losses expected at $50 billion, dwarfing those from the Enron scandal. The picture is grim - unless, that is, you are a corporate executive.

The $700 billion financial bailout package, …

Bula Cricket Pa'go

Gof mahalang yu' nu Cricket gi este na sakkan!

I was starved for international cricket for most of this year. Despite a handful of exciting tours or conflicts, such as India winning a 4 match Test series against Australia 2-0 and Zimbabwe almost beating Sri Lanki in an ODI match, there were huge gaps with not much going on, and several tours cancelled. "Turmoil" in India, Zimbabwe and Pakistan have caused several tours and one tournament to be cancelled.

Kada na ogga'an, anai humalom yu' gi i internet, i fine'nina na website na hu bisita "Cricinfo." Mo'na kinu "KUAM" pat "Guampdn" pat "Hotmail." Desde i ma'pos na sakkan gof impottante kosas Cricket gi lina'la'-hu, sa' fihu hu egga' yan taitai put Guiya para i minagof-hu pat iyo-ku "tiempon taiche'cho'."

Bai hu admite na ti geftungo' yu' put kosas Cricket. Achokka' ya-hu gui' pa'go, taya' tiningo'-hu est…

Urgent Reply Needed!

This week in an AP interview, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, when asked about the postwar reconstruction efforts in Iraq, and the waste and corruption that had taken place, attempted to make a clear (yet untenable) distinction in what monies had been lost or wasted.

Q: But the cost in terms of lives and in terms of the money and the abuse of money – (inaudible) was money wasted, there was money that was siphoned off, corruption and that kind of thing, you’re —
RICE: Not of American money. Not American money. I don’t think that you will find that anybody is arguing that there was corruption in the American programs.
Think Progressand reality beg to differ with this assessment, and listed on their website a half dozen ways in which American money and American programs and firms have been at the center of the transformationg of Iraq into one of the most corrupt nations in the world.
If Secretary Rice and other Bush officials need more evidence of American corruption in Iraq, I got a…

Hita Guahan 2008!!!

Volume 6 Issue 5 December 10, 2008
Hafa Adai, yan welcome to i mina'trenta nuebi na Minagahet.

Este na Minagahet gof likidu, sa' para u mahokka' gi este, i pinagat i Mañamoru ni' humalom gi i United Nations gi este na sakkån.

On October 7, 2008, a delegation of Chamorros testified in front of the United Nations Special Political and Decolonization Committee (Fourth Committee) on the question of Guam’s continued colonization. For the first time in years, the Committee received testimony from a Guam elected official. Senator Vicente Pangelinan prepared a testimony, read by Chamorro attorney Aileen Quan. The rest of the delegation included Victoria- Lola Leon Guerrero of I Nasion Chamoru, Craig Santos Perez of Guåhan Indigenous Collective, and Michael A. Tuncap of Famoksaiyan. The delegates discussed the cumulative adverse impacts of U.S. colonization and the current military build-up, highlighting su…

2nd Annual Golden Duke Awards

Talking Points Memo TV is proud to present the 2nd Annual Golden Duke Awards! The video introducing the awards as well as the categories on info on how you can submit nominees are below.

The awards were started last year in honor of disgraced and mapresu San Diego Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham, and are meant to honor each year's spectacular achievements in corruption, betrayals of the public trust and shameful behavior in general. Last year, former Guam resident Ginger Cruz was nominated in the category "Corruption Chutzpah," for her blending of corruption and "witchcraft." Lao dimalas, sa' ti manggana' gui'.

The nominations are open to the public, and so anyone out there can write something up and submit it to TPM. The bloggers at TMP will gather up all the submissions and then send a list of five or six nominees to their judges who will then choose the winners. The judges this year are: Rick Hertzberg, Susie Bright, John Dean, Dahli…

Adios JAL!

My grandfather, echoing older days of politics on Guam, often says that the Guam Legislature always needs at least one Lujan. Its for that reason that in the 2008 election, in which grandpa was particularly displeased and disgusted at the character of the potential candidates for the office, he only cast two votes. One for Doug Moylan (sa' ga'mumu yan ga'gumantes gui') and the other for Jesse Anderson Lujan, also because ga'mumu gui', but more so because Lujan gui'.

Unfortunately the votes of my grandfather, my grandmother and even my brother weren't enough to put Jesse Anderson Lujan or "JAL" as I fondly refer to him as over the top in this past election, and so next year the Leyesleturan Guahan will be without a person who has Lujan as their last name. Oh, they'll be plenty of people with Lujan parientes or relatives, but no one left whose main family identifiers are Lujan, through either their mother or father (at least on the surface, …