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Decolonization in the Caribbean #13: Sovereignty...According to an Old Flame

For those of you who don’t know, my dissertation in Ethnic Studies dealt with sovereignty, most specifically Guam’s role in producing America’s sovereignty, or what role its invisibility or nothingness plays in producing America as sovereign. This may sound confusing, but what makes it difficult for most to wrap their heads around, is the simple fact of saying that something which has been for hundreds of years produced discursively as being “small” or “faraway” or “faint” or “owned by the US” as somehow creating something as great and grand and mighty as the United States of America.

One frustrating aspect of writing my dissertation was the preparing of a literature review, which is a sometimes helpful, sometimes useless review of what others have written about your topic of choice and how you will either use and build on them or defy them. If you are familiar with the bulk of work on sovereignty it all basically says the same thing nowadays, drawing mildly different co…

Decolonization in the Caribbean #12: More on the USVI Constitituion

There is a strangeness when you consider independence movements of the past with the formal process today as outlined by the United Nations and international conventions. Independence movements of long ago were, as you might imagine, violent. Colonizers didn't want to give up their conquests and fought wars to try to prevent those they had colonized or settler communities that had developed their own sense of local identity, from becoming self-determined. Untold numbers died and suffered needlessly for this selfishness and cruelty, eventually these colonies led to conflicts between colonizers.
The international system was formed out of those violent, tragic and horrible battles to keep hold of territories and control the lives of entire peoples and their resources. It was developed over time, not necessarily to protect or help those who had been victimized, but rather help decrease the chances of any further conflict between colonial and imperial powers. The basic rules or conventi…