Thursday, September 09, 2004

Esta un mit na Amerikanu (yan dos Chamorro) manmatai giya Irak

Puru ha' taibali este na gera, annok pa'go, annok antes, yan yanggen sigi ha' sinilo' i minimum guihi giya Irak, pau annok apmama siempre.

Lao gi este na impottante na "matai na milestone," debi di ta hasso i ti manmatufong, i manmatai na Iraki siha. Ti tufong'on ayu put i mineggai-na yan lokkue sa' ti yan-niha i taotao Amerika manhasso put este. Lao put ayu na ti ma tungo' mas na'ma'ase i manmatai na Iraki kinu i manmatai na Amerikanu siha.

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Anonymous said...

Those young Chamorros died for freedom defending you and your country. I think they deserve more respect than you disrespecting the country they died to protect.

As for the Iraqis that have been killed, they are all terrorists who hate freedom and don't want to see Iraq free. They deserve to die for their actions in hatred of freedom and democracy. Don't try to portray our fine men and women as murders, they are not.
That is what John Kerry did when he returned from Vietnam, and that is why he won't win this election.


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