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These Times, These Manhoben

Ti å'amko' yu' trabiha hun, lao ti enao i sinientete-ku. 
I am a little over a year from 40 years of age. The closer I get to 40, the closer I get reflective and ruminate on things. The closer I get to 40, the more I try to make sense of things I've been through and the more I try to figure out what impact, if any I've had on Guam or in general. 
I sanhilo' i sabåna muna'lagefpågo i intan påpa'. 

Whether my reflections yield things to make me cringe, smile, laugh, shake my head or want to hide away in Yokoi's Cave, changes daily. As someone who studies Guam history I can see places where I, working with other have definitely had an impact. I can see ways in which I haven't succeeded in certain goals, I have seen places where I have changed my goals as the island has changed. 
I barångka muna'kåpas hao salamanka. 
Robert Underwood once told me that while he was a young Chamoru faculty member at the University of Guam, a white professor chast…

Direchon i Manggayero

This is a list of items that Independent Guåhan made a few months back following the federal ban on cockfighting in the US territories. That was a very interesting time for IG and for me, since a certain part of the Guam/Chamoru community suddenly became hyper-engaged on issues of political status. 
For me personally, what made it interesting is that for a few weeks, everywhere I went I would end up having cockfighters talk to me and ask me questions about what can be done and what's going on. One of these days I'll write more about my reflections on that time, but for now, here is the call to action items we created. 
What Can WE Do About the Cockfighting Ban NOW?
1. Cockfighting is Culture! It is important that we continue to defend and practice our culture in the present. Cockfighting is one of those traditions, and it is imperative that we defend our heritage.  
2. Call Your Elected Leaders! Finding and influencing elected leaders who are willing to support coc…