Sunday, September 05, 2004

Chalmer's Johnson's Article

Gos maolek na tinige' put i estao i mindo pa'go, i estao i militat US, ya i piniligro ni' guaha.


Anonymous said...

I met Chalmers Johnson in Okinawa many years ago. I can't believe he wrote this article. When I had met him, he was what they call a "cold warrior." He saw America as the savior of the world, and the USSR as the evil of the world. It is strange to see how much he has changed, to now be writing that America is the evil in the world.

Kopbla said...

Mungga macha'ka i taotao yanggen matulaika i hinasso-na. Gof echong, yan fihu abak hit gi i chalan i lina'la'-ta, pues mungga madespresia i taotao ni' lumi'e ayu, yan na'biran maisa gui' lamaolek pat lamagahet.

Annok na Si Chalmers Johnson chumo'guiyi gui' ni' ayu.

Anonymous said...

Chalmers Johnson sounds like another one of those left-wing traitors who hate America. When the Cold War ended they began to see America as the problem with the world. Why can't these people see that America is the solution to the worlds problems? Why do they have to hate this country, which is their country? I don't understand people like you or this Johnson. How can you hate America, after all America has done for the people of Guam?


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