Friday, September 24, 2004

Papet Etgue

In my board the other day, one of the members refered to Joe Murphy's columns as "papet etgue." Para hamyo ni' ti en hilat kumomprende fino' Chamorro, kumekeilek-na "toliet paper."

The ideas of Joe Murphy, no matter how kaduku, kalakas pat taibali have been given so much weight and value on Guam, because of the position he holds on the editorial page of the Pacific Daily News. We need to start a petition or a drive to get rid of Murphy and his bihu papet etgue. He has taken up that highly coveted space for too long, and dictated too much with his often useless, more times pointless and usually dangerous ramblings.

I was reading his most recent papet etgue' yan lana, I've read that piece several times already, over the past few decades. He just re-writes it, over and over, inserting new details. Adding a delegate here, elected governorship there, small changes like internet, hotels in Tumon, tourism everywhere. Joe Murphy, as well as the paper he writes in, reflect the continuing colonial mentality which will keep Guam at its current political status and sadly threaten the survival of the Chamorro people. We need newer voices out there, saying things which need to be said, rather then merely rehashing old colonial tricks in new forms.


PKD said...

If life is a box of chocolates, then yours is shit-flavored.

Sahuma Minagahet said...

Thank you for your feedback!

Feedback which is pointless and mildly annoying always brightens my day!

Constructive comments are always appreciated! But pointless feedback will be sarcastically teased in a equally inane way!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if that is an insult or not, because your post was about toliet paper...


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