Monday, September 20, 2004

Finayi put gera...

Si Khruschev (hagas maga'lahi Russia) sumangan este, nai umafulo' i US yan i USSR put i pinakin nuklear giya Cuba gi 1962. Achokka' taotao Russia este (ya sigun i US dipotsi i enimigu-ta siha), mungga maduda i minagahet gi i sinangan-na.

Si Khruschev ha kattayi Si John F. Kennedy yan i tiguang-na ni' este:

We and you out not to pull on the ends of a rope which you have tied the knots of war. Because the more the two of us pull, the tighter the knot will be tied. And then it will be neccessary to cut that knot. And what that would mean is not for me to explain to you. I have participated in two wars and know that war ends when it has rolled through cities and villages everywhere sowing death and destruction. For such is the logic of war. If people do not display wisdom, they will clash like blind moles and then mutual annihilation will commence.

Adahi todus hamyo, sa' pau fatto este na dimilas yanggen ti ta tutuhun "demilitarizing" i hinasso-ta yan impottante'na i colonizer-ta, I United States.

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