Thursday, September 02, 2004

Hugo Chavez


I always find myself being very skeptical of him, yet every Venezuelan I've met or heard from says he is truly doing good for his people...

Here are some articles, which don't paint him as Washington does, as an enemy of his people. But rather the way he really is, as an enemy of Washington, but a leader of his people.

Yanggen guaha chansa-mu para un egga' i mibi, "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised," egga' ha'. Maolek na perspective put hayi Si Chavez, yan i estorian put nai i US yan i manakhilo' giya Venezuela, ma chagi muna'suha gui' gi un "coup."

Chavez's Programs para i manaisalape

Mas put sa' hafa mangge Si Chavez

I US, ma keketahgue Si Chavez

Election Stuff

Sinangan-na Si Chavez

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