Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Ghost in the Shell

For all you anime fans out there, I've just learned an interesting piece of info about one of Japan's premiere anime films, Ghost in the Shell.

Have you ever noticed how realistic the bullet impacts and holes look in the film? The creators of the film apparently did research in Guam on firearms and what it looks like when bullets hit certain substances, wood, stone, metal.

If you watch the DVD of the film which includes a documentary on the technology and the process behind the film, they'll show several seconds of footage of the crew firing guns at targets on the red dirt on Guam.

"Taimanu un tungo'? Takfiha ha'?"
"Munangon i ghost-hu."


Anonymous said...

What does the thing in Chamorro at the end mean?

Sahuma Minagahet said...

If you've seen the movie, then there is the scene when Major Kusanagi and Togusa are riding in the van on their way to try and intercept the Puppet Master. They have a long conversation and during that conversation Togusa asks the Major something to the effect, "how do you know? Just a hunch?" Kusanagi responds, "A whisper in my ghost."

Anonymous said...

Miguet, I never figured you were an anime fan. Keep up the good work!


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