Thursday, October 14, 2004

Last Debate

I just finished watching the last of the three presidential debates, and it still disturbs me as to why anyone thinks Bush is capable of anything other than memorizing cheesy lines and then delivering them badly.

Both Kerry and Edwards have done a far better job in actually answering questions or answering criticisms. Bush and Cheney however, just divert attention. In the VP debate, nearly every lance Cheney threw, Edwards responded (sadly sometimes in convoluted ways, but nonetheless he dealt with them). However when Edwards would throw one of his own, Cheney would merely respond with some vague criticism having to do with records or leadership.

Tonight Bush was particularly unable to answer questions. At least three times he answered questions about other topics with his spiel on education. On the topics which his record is dismal (other than terrorism) he can't even discuss them without resorting to bland generalities. Also he was unable to respond to any charges. Bush distorts Kerry's record, Kerry responds, Bush can't respond except by repeating the same fact, or tossing a scare label out such as "liberal."

Kerry is better than Bush in nearly everyway that should matter to human life. He is not what I want in a president, but on many issues he is a huge improvement over Bush. In the debates he also exhibited an intelligence that I would want a president. He is better able to understand things as they are, rather then the way we tend to construct them. This is of course not true on certain issues, especially those having to do with the military, militarism, foreign policy and Israel, but nonetheless he is obviously more capable. If he can survive three 90 minute debates, forced to deal with Bush's crap, without tearing out his hair and screaming, "ATAN GUI'! ANNOK NA MAMPOS KADUKU GUI'!" he is obviously capable of being president. (One thing I cannot stand at all is the anti-intellectualism that goes on around these debates. Bush used simpler words so therefore he is a better communicator, Kerry talks alot and nuances things therefore he's full of shit.)

But make no mistake, if he is elected he doesn't get a free pass. He still has to be held to his promises, and pushed to go beyond his political slogans and actually achieve some of the things he talks about, and then also re-evaluate things such as Iraq and Israel which I feel he is positioning himself on based on politics and getting elected, rather than what he truly feels. Kerry isn't anyone's savior, democracy still means that people have to fight power in order to get everything they need or deserve.


atrium42 said...

It is important to vote, even if it's for John Kerry... That said, I think Kerry LOST the third debate, and the BS the man spouts is so flagrant that only a blind follower could actually believe him! Kerry said he was going to raise taxes, ramp up inflation, deliver windfall billions into the hands of the government of China, and send jobs overseas. Who thinks that is a good idea!

if Kerry and Salary then
send it in.

if job as engineer then
retrain to flip burgers

if unemployed entitlement monger then
vote for kerry;
wait to see if you get more;

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure at all what this comment is even saying.

Anonymous said...

This guy isn't Chamoru chelu, I think he's just making fun of you. But too bad for him I think he's actually making fun of himself.

He is right though, Kerry is full of it. Bush isn't any better, but Kerry is just as full of it.

Anonymous said...

Kerry is a liar and anyone who can't see that is lyign to themself. At least Bush has integrity, he may not be smart but he knows the difference between right and wrong, truth and lie. I can't say that about Kerry, he keeps changing his positions all the time!

Michael Lujan Bevacqua said...

Wow, I was just going back through my comments over my blog's history and came across this one. Thanks for yor comments. But you were all wrong. I think my dislike and distrust of Bush has been absolutely vindicated. He rightly deserves the title of one of the worst President's ever.


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