Saturday, October 16, 2004


According to Naomi Klein's latest article "Reparations in Reverse," Iraq has been paying reparations to the first world since 1990, for the destruction of Kuwait. While some of the money has gone to citizens in Kuwait who were hurt or whose property was damaged in the invasion, the majority of the money has gone to Western Corporations.

Here's a few lucky corporations and how much their received: Halliburton ($18-million), Bechtel ($7-million), Mobil ($2.3-million), Shell ($1.6-million), Nestle ($2.6-million), Pepsi ($3.8-million), Philip Morris ($1.3-million), Sheraton ($11-million), Kentucky Fried Chicken ($321-thousand) and Toys R Us ($189,449). These payments are not attached to any destruction of their properties in Kuwait, but rather "loss of profits" as a result of the invasion.

And despite the current chaos in Iraq, the reparations to the West are still being paid. $1.8 billion since Saddam was toppled last April.

As if this wasn't bad enough, the Washington Post recently reported that of the $18 billion which was allocated to the reconstruction of Iraq by the US Congress, only "$29-million has been spent on water, sanitation, health, roads, bridges, and public safety—combined." Furthermore of that $18 billion, only 4 million has been given to Iraqis as compensation for loss of life or property during the American invasion last year. As Noami Klein has often reported the majority of this $18 billion spent as gone towards insurance for private contractors of corporations in Iraq.

Gof baba este, ti hu hulat humongge i taimamahlaon-niha este na 'neokon" siha. Ma hatme yan ma panas i nasion Irak. Pues ma prometi na para u ma fa'maolek yan na'lanuebu todu, lao atan siha. Taya' fina'maolek maloloffan, ma na'i ha' finaboresi siha, ya sigi ha' mamadesi i taotao Irak. Nai un atan i chine'guen US giya Irak, ti hu tungo' sa' hafa i taotao Guahan, ma hahasso na GovGuam is mas "corrupt.' Atan i US, ma goffaboresi Si Cheney yan i abok-na siha, sigi ha' ma faboresi i kometsiante militant ni' este na gera. Achokka' baba i corruption giya Guahan lokkue, mas atdet hafa ma chocho'gue giya Irak yan gi lagu.


Anonymous said...

Makes you think about why Chamorros will never get reparations.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it... Are you a midget?

Anonymous said...

I don't get it...are you stupid?


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