Monday, October 04, 2004


An article posted on our message board, I just sent out the latest zine this evening, lao I forgot to include this in it, I'll make sure it goes in the next one though. Despensa che'lu, usuni fan, sa' i passion-mu gof likidu yan hassan gi i manachaamko'-mu siha.

Written By: Brandon Cruz *Kaluko671*
Resident of Dededo, Guahan

The answer about having the Self-Determination Plebiscite this year should be considered. As a native and a descendant of the first inhabitants of this island "I Taotao Tano," I urgly reccomend that the vote takes place this year.

Our people have been waiting for decades to vote on Independance, Free Association, Commonwealth, or Statehood. Our people have gone depressed, hopeless, and half of them have given up because of the U.S. denying our rights to choose our Self-Determination. When will our people have the right? It should be now.

Many of the countries that have taken over us, have positively and negatively influenced our people, and executed thousands. Our people had to organize groups such as Nasion Chamoru, Chamoru Information Activist, and many others just to stand and unite to voice out our opinion. Our people are dying day by day, our culture is slowly drifting away, and the language is getting wiped out. We the people of Guahan need to change our political status. Not only to benefit our people as a whole, but to also try and unite with our northern islands of Saipan, Luta, Tini'an and the rest of the 11 islands.

We are not being racist and prejudice because of a Chamoru-Only Vote. We are the native people. We should be allowed because we are the people here before all the Westerners and Foreigners. We are the people who like the Native Americans need our lives to prosper and grow as people, knowing that we have accomplished something, and that's our right to Self-Determination. The crying and sufferings of our people anxiously await the request of the plebiscite. Please elected leaders and all Guamanians both Chamoru and Non-Chamoru. Give us the chance to make a difference for once in 400 years of colonization.


Anonymous said...

Chamorros like you are nothing but fucking racists! I'm glad I got off your damn island when I had the chance.

Anonymous said...

We shouldnt be allowed to post without our names, cuz I wanna know who the asshole is who posted that shit. I can't make up my mind whether he is a haole or a filipino, but I"M GLAD HE LEFT GUAM. I hope every racist like him does get off our island and stop from holding us BACK!

Anonymous said...

Chamorros have rights to, or so the Filipinos on Guam always forget. America forgot about them when they took the island, and they are forgettinga bout them today! If Filipinos never understand this then they'll never be friends or brothers of mine.

Anonymous said...

Hoi Kaluko, Si Yu'us Ma'ase che'lu, and congrats for getting your article in the PDN. Si Yu'us Ma'ase ta'lo for the props in your article, you mentioned the CIA, and although we've been around for almost a year we haven't gotten much attention. Shoots.


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