Friday, October 01, 2004

Hayi mangganna gi i debate?

Who won the debate?

From what I've read John Kerry. Although personally I don't support what he has become, I am glad that he was able to bitchslap the Android who would be president a couple times tonight. The mainstream media is doing their best to ensure that the debate is interpretted as a draw, I guess the idea of Bush as a moron and the false echo effect of John Kerry flip flopping cancel each other out, leaving the poor media so confused and befuddled as to who is more presidential looking or Manichean enough to sound bite and spit out each evening.

Here is the best article I've found so far about the debates, clearly covering blow by blow how Kerry won, beating Bush into several corners, and making him look less like a idiot president and more like the class moron, who gets some revengeful satisfaction by making faces while other people talk. Atan fan.

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