Monday, October 11, 2004

Its oba

Ai lana...

I came up with a logo and slogan for the slang phrase Oba Skoba. I knew that there already was a line out there for it, but I didn't think that anyone had come up with a t-shirt with "it ain't oba til its skoba" on it. Ai dimalas, sa' humalom yu' gi, ya hafa guihi esta? Un franelan palao'an ni' gailogo ni' sumangan "it ain't oba til its skoba." Ai adai, pine'lo-ku na nuebu i fina'tinas-hu, lao ahe'.

Sinembatgo, ya-hu ayu na sinangan.


Anonymous said...

They only have that design for chicks though, none for the lalahe like us. So maybe you could still make it?

Anonymous said...

my name is Kie Susuico. i'm the one that makes Oba-Skoba and Songi gear. just to let you guys know, i do make guys shirts with "It ain't Oba...Till it's Skoba" on it.
by the way, your comment or blog was funny.


Anonymous said...

can you please tell me that wat is meant by "oba" is very urgent


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