Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fired Up, Ready to Go

Its just a few days now until the Democratic National Convention. Right now, I'm preparing for it by reading through Dreams of My Father, going over press releases from the Select Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, and pouring over letters and interviews that Senator Obama has given on Asian American, Pacific Islander and Native American issues. This is my first convention, so I'm making sure I've done my homework ahead of time, so I don't make a fool of myself.

Here are some Youtube videos to help yourself get ready:

Last month, Howard Dean and the Convention held a contest titled "Why are you a Democrat in 2008?" Youtube members were invited to make short videos explaining why they are Democrats or why they were planning on voting Democratic this year. These videos would then be submitted to the convention planners, whereby five would be selected and could be voted on by the public. The owner of the winning video would be flown to Denver for the convention and have their video shown to the entire convention. Here is Howard Dean's initial video and also the five finalists.

Finally, the endless speculation over Barack Obama's choice for VP is almost over. Tomorrow, Obama will campaign with his VP in Illinois at the site where he first announced his campaign last year. My choice is Joe Biden, because he is the one who can potentially give Obama the most help in dealing with the issues that John McCain is strongest on or gets most of his appeal from, his military service. As we've seen over the past few months, it is John McCain's experiences as a POW during Vietnam that have given him so much power over the media. It is a story which they use to justifiy giving him passes or being uncritical about his positions or lies. It is also the story which McCain himself is using more and more to dodge questions. While Obama has little ability to attack McCain at this level, Biden, who has a son serving in Iraq, who has more foreign policy experience and knowledge than McCain, and habit of speaking very bluntly and plainly, can be far more effective.

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