Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DNC Day 1 - Notions from The Nation

Articles from The Nation, by people who are better writers then me, with better access and better resources. They all deal with different aspects of the Convention from police and protestors to recently chosen VP Senator Joseph Biden and his experience:

The Most Powerful Man in Denver (You've Never Heard Of)
Ari Berman
Meet the lobbyist who's behind the Democratic convention.

Shiny, Happy People
Richard Kim
The DNC is all big smiles, good cheer and shopping for souvenirs. Even the protesters can join in.

What Exactly is the DNC?
Christopher Hayes
An extended party for big shots...an extended campaign commercial...a big fundraiser...a media boondoggle.

Tailgating in Denver
Ari Melber
A backstage look at the DNC's kickoff.

The Myth of Foreign-Policy Experience
Katrina vanden Heuvel
Just because Joe Biden has experience doesn't mean that he has the right answers on US-Russia relations.

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