Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DNC Day 2 - Podiums and Tailgates

Yesterday was a confusing and crazy day. Interviews were difficult to come by and when I was able to speak to politicians about Guam issues or Pacific Islander issues, their answers were generic or banal. Internet was also an issue, as I had trouble nearly all day finding reliable internet as I shuffled around from DNC event to DNC event all around downtown Denver.
Today looks to be alot better. I woke up this morning to find in my email inbox a wonderful email from one of the blogger media people, letting us know that we can request spots on "podium roundtalble interviews." As speakers at the convention step off the stage and into the sea of media and delegates they will have a blogger/press roundtable waiting for them where we can ask a question or two. You can only request three a day from the list of speakers. I'm sure most bloggers would go after a spot speaking to the bigger name folks from today's schedule. For me, I'm just trying to find people who can speak to issue relevant to Chamorros and Pacific Islanders. My "chosen" three from today's illustrious list of speakers are:

Eleanor Holmes Norton
Dennis Kucinich
Mike Honda

Another bit of good news is that today I'll be attending a blogger Tailgate 08 party hosted by Howard Dean and the Convention outside of the Pepsi Center. I haven't run into many bloggers lately since I've been here, I think they've all been hanging out at the Pepsi Center where the internet is better.

I'm hoping to run into Aaron Silverstein from the local Colorado blog, who is the blogger who began the blog Guam Loves Jason Rosenberg last year, which led me to apply as the blogger from Guam. I painted him something while I've been here and want to give it to him as a gift.

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