Friday, August 29, 2008

DNC Day 4 - Disenfranchised

From the floor of Invesco Field: Guam Senator and Convention Delegate, Ben Pangelinan on Guam's participation at the Democratic National Convention.

"For me its a double edged sword. We come here and we participate in the process of the seleciton of the nominee, and then its stops and so its like a journey incomplete. Its frustrating to that end. I'm glad that yesterday during the roll call vote we were able to make a statement about Guam not having the right to self-determination...That opportunity to make that statement was a positive for this trip and gives me hope that people are listening. We've had an opportunity to talk to many people who are, quite frankly shocked that America disenfranchises people who are asked to bear the burden and responsibility of citizens, and yet are not give that one most precious element of citizenship in this country, the vote."

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