Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DNC Day 2 - Aaron at last!

I was finally able to meet Aaron Silverstein from the Colorado blog who I first came across on the blog Guam Loves Jason Rosenberg. I had no idea that I could even apply as a blogger to attend the Democratic National Convention, and it was Aaron who first let me know about it.
I posted this morning about a painting that I'm planning on giving Aaron to show my appreciation for his help, and actually when I met a random blogger from Pennslyvania today, and introduced myself as a Guam blogger, he immediately said, "yeah, you made a watercolor painting for Howard Dean!"

Not exactly, but close enough. Speaking of Aaron Silverstein and Howard Dean being confused with each other. At the blogger's Tailgate today, Howard Dean spoke at length with those attending, and enjoyed some watermelon and corn while doing so.

Obviously in a hurry to go to yet another event, he left his plate and his finished food on the table. Goldy, a Washington blogger from Horse's Ass took pictures of first Howard Dean eating some watermelon and later Aaron taking a bite out of Howard Dean's mostly finished watermelon.

Aaron can now claim to have consumed the soul of Howard Dean and embody his grassroots, populist fervor. Although he is already a force to be reckoned with, he is now unstoppable.

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Luke said...

Never give up! never surrender. Busby Seo Challenge


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