Friday, August 29, 2008

DNC Day 4 - Guam's Presence at the Convention

Congresswoman Bordallo Proud Of Guam's Presence At Democratic National Convention
Written by Mana Silva, Pacific News Center
Guam, Saipan, CNMI, Asia-Pacific
Thursday, 28 August 2008

Guam - It was an exciting time for democrats taking part in the Democratic National Convention, and Guam certainly put its best face forward, and made its presence known. The convention in Denver, Colorado was attended by thousands, and according to Guam's Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo "the event has been electric."

Former presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton showing her support during the convention yesterday. President Bill Clinton took center stage today, and of course, vice presidential candidate Joe Bidden also called to speak before the crowd of supporters. Quite a surprise though, was a visit by Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama.

Guam's congresswoman was also called to the stage to join House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Bordallo also had a chance run in with former president Bill Clinton backstage, and met with the Guam blogger Michael Lujan Bevacqua.

Aside from the convention, Bordallo also paid a visit to the Colorado Springs Air Force Academy where she met with cadets from Guam.

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