Thursday, August 28, 2008

DNC Day 3 - Kelly Hu

After seeing a parade of Asian American celebrities and political figures, I was glad to finally see someone of Pacific Islander descent. Actress and model Kelly Hu stopped by at the Asian American Pacific Islander Caucus meeting this morning.

Although Kelly is most well known for her roles in the films X-2 and The Scorpion King, and tv shows such as Nash Bridges and Martial Law, I know her best and most fondly for her support for the Kamehameha school in Hawai'i. In addition to being party English and Chinese, she is also Native Hawaiian, and attended the Kamehameha school in Oahu. She has been on record as supporting these schools for Native Hawaiians, and in 2006 she even made a video which was posted on Youtube through which she expressed the importance of the schools to Native Hawaiians, and rebuffed any claims that the school's existence is tied to racism, but rather to restorative justice. For years, there are have been efforts to close the school or force it open to students of any racial background.

The Kamehameha School is still under attack today, and will likely continue to be until the rights of Native Hawaiians as the indigenous people of Hawai'i, and as a political community whose rights extend beyond simply dancing and giving leis to tourists. If you would like to learn more go to this website, Support Kamehameha.

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