Thursday, October 19, 2006

Minagof yan Google

I decided to take a sort of intellectual break this weekend, since thinking about my dissertation was starting to drive me nuts. While I was driving down from Los Angeles the other day, I did have a number of breakthroughs, but still the whole process of social science writing is so meaningless to me now, I almost wish I had gone into a philosophy program instead of an Ethnic Studies program.


My statcounter is almost to 30,000, so in celebration of the popularity of my blog, I thought I'd try something a little fun and a little narcissistic. What I did was google around different combinations of keywords and then see where on that list my blog showed up, if it showed up at all.

Guam Blog = #39

Chamorro Blog = #1 (BIBA!)

Chamoru Blog = #1 (BIBA ta'lo!)

Zizek and Guam

Shinji and Rei = #5 (Ti hu hongge este, sa' bula na website put Evangelion)

Malafunkshun =

J.D. Crutch = #7

Guam and Colonialism = #15

Cowboy Bebop and fake and eye = #3 (out of 133,000!)

Decolonization and Pacific = #105

Fanon, Lacan, Zizek = #17

V for Vendetta, Ultraviolet and Equilibrium = #53

Guam Progressive = Somewhere past 500

Chamorro Progressive = #1 (phew...)

Angel Leon Guerrero Santos = #9

Ghost in the Shell and Evangelion and Hindi Movie
= #59

Tiyan = #10

"Pacific Daily News" and crap = #16 (Pine'lo-ku na mas takhilo' siempre iyo-ku)

Myspace and Chamoru = #20

Amir Khan and Guam = #11

Chamorro and Dead and Iraq = #1 (na'triste este)

"I Love You" in Chamorro = #10 (chagi este na link lokkue yanggen este un aliligao)

Robert Underwood and Guam = #65 (put fabot bota UA!)

Felix Camacho and Guam = #88

Ami Suzuki and Guam
= #8 (kampai!)

Massage Parlor and Guam = #39

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