Friday, October 06, 2006

The Guam Bus

For those of you who don't know us, we go by many names.

To many we are the Bevacqua Brothers, to very few we are Pump Fake Nation, and to those who know our most hidden secrets, we are The Guam Bus.

I haven't posted much lately about the creative endeavors of the intrepid Guam Bus, but that doesn't mean we haven't been doing much. We've actually been working like crazy on different things.

For those who get my emails or just my blog regularly, I've been very busy lately with Famoksaiyan, working at getting it up and moving, organzed and somehow sustainable. That combined with all the academic work on my plate means I don't get to write as much as I want to for our comics.

I am proud to announce though that things are still moving along, just not at the pace I had wanted. After attending the Alternative Press Expo (APE) last year and seeing quite a bit of interest in our ideas, I set up a schedule for myself in order to finish the our first big title Battle for Kamchatka, within the next year. Unfortunately, due to the organizing for the first Famoksaiyan conference in April along with finishing up and defending my latest master's thesis, I got detoured off my schedule gof chaddek.

Although my schedule hasn't gotten any less na'kaduku, I am still making progress in terms of both setting aside time to work on the comics, but also making sure I actually am working to finish things.

The website that i che'lu-hu Si Jack put up is still up, you can check it out at

As far as Battle for Kamchatka, issues 1 - 3 are done, I am done writing issue 4 but not done with the actual plotting of scenes. The first story arc I have planned lasts 13 issues and so we decided to keep working until we are about half way down with the arc and then develop a packet to see if anyone is interested in publishing the 13 issues as a graphic novel.

Also, I've picked up one of the projects na i otro na che'lu-hu Si Kuri tumutuhun lao ti ha na'funhaya, called Bumview. I have finished writing it out on paper but not done writing it into script form on my computer. Our plan for Bumview is to put out a for reals published one shot for the APE to see if there's interest in the concept before we actually go into trying to make a series.

Bai hu prometi hao pa'go na bai hu chagi muna'tungo' hamyo todus mas put i bidan-mamami, pues hunggan put fabot, stay tuned for more.

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