Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Put Fin! Humuyong i Chamoru gi Fino' Underwood!

Tåya' hu chagi muna'atok i sinappote-ku nu Si Robert Underwood. Guiya i gayu-hu ya achokka' guaha nai linemlem yu' nu Guiya yan i matulaikå-na, ni’ ngai’an bai maleffa i impottante na bidå-ña siha nu i Chamoru siha.

Guaha Chamoru activists siha ni’ sumasångan na esta sen tahdong ti matulaikå-ña siha Si Underwood, pues todu I bididå-ña pa’go kalang ha traiduduti hit. Lao nu siha bai hu sångan este. Ga’o’-ku i gayu ni’ mumaleffa i guinife-ña siha kinu i gayu ni’ taya’ nai manguife.

Gi i minalalago-ña pa’go na sakkan, hunggan fihu nina’desganao as Guiya, sa’ fihu taigue i Chamoru gi i sinangan-ña yan pinagat-ña siha. Pat gaige i Chamoru gi hafa na mamamaila ha promemeti i taotao Guahan, lao chumecho gui’ yan i Filipino. Put hemplo, yanggen un atan i emails na hu na’chetton gi pappa’ este, todu i tiempo ma na’daña i sinangan fino’ Chamoru yan fino’ Tagalog.

Gi todu i mimilak Estoria, hunggan bai hu konfotme yan Si Underwood nai ilek-ña na “achaigua’ña kinu diferentes i Filipino yan i Chamoru.” Sa’ siña ta sangan na parehu i sinisedin i Chamoru yan i Filipino duranten i minagasin i Españot, Chapones, yan Amerikånu. Lao giya Guahan, gi pa’go na tiempo, ti bai hu aksepta na “parehu” este na dos na taotao siha. Unu ha’ gi entre este na dos, natibu. Este na fakto, ni’ pau chinemma’ i mandadañå-ta para maseha hafa na minimum pat struggle, lao yanggen pon kuentos put i “taotao Guahan” pat i “familian Guahan” fine’nina debi di un fa’sahnge na unu ha’ na taotao gi entre todu i pumalu siha mismo natibu. Gigon ma aksepta este yan marespetu este, pues siña maolek ha’ todu. Lao yanggen un puni este ya chagi ha’ fuma’multiculatural melting pot paradise Guahan, un na’la’la’la’ ta’lo i che’cho’ i colonizer, lao nuebu i fotma.

Magof hu na put fin Si Underwood kumukuentos gui’ put i Chamoru, lao siña hu komprende sa’ hafa sigi ha’ suhåyi este. I otro na gayu, siempre ha diseseha na yanggen ha kehayi i taotao siha na racist Si Underwood (ti ya-ña Filipinos) este pau nina’fañeha i Filipino mambobota.

Achokka’ bai hu gof suppote Si Underwood, ha na’triste yu’ didide’ lokkue. Esta kalang mumamaafnas hafa estaba gof ma’lak gi i bidå-ña, ya ayugue i hinengge-ña na i Chamoru i natibun Guahan. Hafa i hinegge ni’ tumatahgue este? I hinenggen multicultural, ni’ umassuma na manparehu yan manachaigua todu i rasa siha gi direcho.


News from the GUAM Team Campaign
October 24, 2006
Contact- 477-8206

Fact Check

Negative Campaigning Has No Place In Real Debate of Issues

Anigua–This evening, the Guam TEAM responds to an anti-Filipino commercial. The highly negative commercial makes unsubstantiated claims and outright lies. Congressman Robert Underwood and Senator Frank Aguon, Jr. believe strongly that negative campaigning serves no purpose in the current debate of ideas and issues critical to moving the island forward. It only serves to divide and create animosity between the people of Guam. This recent negative ad on behalf of the Camacho campaign only serves to strike fear and division amongst our island community. There is NO room for this in this or any campaign.

CLAIM : Robert Underwood says that Filipinos and Asians only come to Guam for money and don't care about our island community.

TRUTH : This is wrong. A complete reading of the text "A Chamorro Challenge to Statesiders" by Robert Underwood (June 24, 1977), from which the above statement is taken, would have found that the former Congressman was lamenting the challenge to Chamorros on Guam, as well as Filipinos and other Asians. Robert Underwood has a solid record on behalf of Filipino-Americans and is the only person from Guam to ever receive the Presidential Merit Award on behalf of his work for Filipinos.

CLAIM : He called Filipinos imported employees.

TRUTH : This is wrong and is a distortion. In the Pacific Daily News article, which the commercial bases its claims, Robert Underwood NEVER EVEN mentioned Filipinos.

CLAIM : Just last year, in 2005, Mr. Robert Underwood said, "Nowadays, we hope they just figure out there is no room for them here and move on or go to the nearest airport and take off. If not, they just have to get over it."

TRUTH: This statement was about a TV SHOW. This is a complete lie and fabrication. To link this to Filipinos is an affront to the Filipino-American community. The article never even mentioned Filipinos, nor was it about Filipinos! The article was written by Robert Underwood in "Pacific Magazine" (Survivor Fever: A Game Played From Time Immemorial – March 1, 2005) and was in reference to the popular TV show "Survivor" shot in 2005 in Vanuatu. (Link to the article: http://www.pacificmagazine.cc/issue/2005/03/01/survivor-fever)

Unfortunately it has come to this, knowing that an incumbent can\'t run on his record, his campaign tried to hide behind others and attack with lies

"I grew up embracing many cultures, with a grandfather from Dededo and a grandfather from North Carolina...my children who are my heart and soul share and embrace both their Chamorro and Mexican heritage. My family like almost all families on Guam is diverse and what makes our island so great. So for anyone to say I would tear down a people is simply wrong," commented Robert.

"I AM PROUD THAT THE PEOPLE OF GUAM AND THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES SHARE SO MUCH IN COMMON. WE ARE SO MUCH MORE ALIKE THAN WE ARE DIFFERENT, ANYONE WHO TRIES TO BELITTLE THE OTHER ONLY HURTS THEMSELVES," said Robert. "I am proud to run on my record, a record of uniting people not dividing them. My record is clear; during my ten years in Congress I reunited hundreds of Filipino families, worked for Filipino Veterans who fought so valiantly and contributed to the US Armed Forces, and worked on many issues important to all the people of Guam." Underwood stated, "Guam is a small community. At the end of this election, we will all still be living and working on this island. It is important to keep a level of fairness and decency in this election."

"The focus of this election should be on the issues that are important to our island, such as education, health care, public safety, revitalizing the economy, and good and open government. We need to return to the business of addressing these needs," Senator Aguon added.

Since the beginning of this campaign season, Team GUAM has been committed to the fair, open, and honest exchange of ideas that will benefit the people of Guam. It is only when we debate issues with real facts that we can begin to solve the multitudes of problems that plaque the people of Guam.

In this election, the Underwood/Aguon Team is committed to providing access to their platform and is committed to open dialogue with the voters. Good sportsmanship is a part of the Underwood/Aguon commitment of LEADERSHIP and bringing positive CHANGE to the island.

To learn more about the Underwood/Aguon campaign, and other events, please view our website at www.voteguam2006.com


News from the GUAM TEAM Campaign
October 17, 2006
Contact- 477-8206


Anigua—The Underwood/Aguon Team today unveiled two more "Change Initiatives." The Initiatives are a supplement to the GUAM Team's platform "A NEW DIRECTION FOR GUAM" which addresses specific steps and establishes new initiatives the administration will be taking to improve the economy, education, health care, good and open government, and the military build-up.

Today Congressman Robert Underwood and Senator Frank Aguon unveil two initiatives:

Office of Chamorro Justice and Governor's Initiative on Equity

Office of Chamorro Justice Issues

The Underwood/Aguon Team will create an Office of Chamorro Justice Issues. The functions of the Office will be to focus on unresolved issues between the federal government such as Chamorro self-determination, protecting the Land Trust and supporting cultural initiatives.

Issues of political, economic and cultural self-determination are of special importance to Chamorros. Although the last Congressional hearing on Guam's political status was in 1997, self-determination issues continue to be a part of Chamorros' basic concerns. While governed under United States federal law, Chamorros still cannot fully participate in that governing process.

The Office will also re-empower the Chamorro Land Trust Commission in its task of reclaiming Chamorro lands. The Office will task the Commission with implementing community development initiatives for these lands that will most benefit the Chamorro people. Chamorro lands must not go unused or underutilized when our Chamorro communities grow and are needing public and community spaces and facilities, including multi-use facilities. Most importantly, the Office will coordinate the government's efforts to provide affordable housing for our people.

The Underwood/Aguon Team will also support cultural initiatives. We will support Chamorro language and culture education, along with the development of a curriculum responsive to Guam's cultural diversity. With the military build-up, the anticipated demographic changes will create social change. We must nurture our relationship with the newer residents so that the social change will be positive and mutually beneficial. We cherish our values and our way of life, and we're proud of our Chamorro roots and the cultural diversity of our island. The Underwood/Aguon Team is just as proud and protective of our values as Guamanians. The Office will work to ensure that our values are sustained and maintained for future generations.

The Underwood/Aguon Team will ask government agencies, village leaders and community organizations to help bridge any gaps that may arise between the civilian and military communities. Together, we all grow socially and culturally, learning from and teaching one another. With a well balanced partnership and strong leadership, our values and our way of life will continue to inspire new generations.

Governor's Initiative on Equity

The Underwood/ Aguon Team is committed equal opportunity, access, and representation in the Government of Guam by the different ethnic communities of our richly diverse island members. Chamorros, Filipinos, Micronesians, Caucasians, Koreans, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and others have provided valuable resources and contributions to the economic, social and cultural fabric of our island community.

To improve equal opportunity, access, and representation in the Government Guam, the Underwood/Aguon Team will create an Executive Order to establish the Governor's Initiative on Equity. The Underwood/Aguon Team will appoint a Governor's Advisory Commission on Equity. The Commission will be composed of representatives from the diverse communities with a history of involvement and leadership from fields such as health, education, economic and community development, and business.

The Initiative will:

Develop, monitor and coordinate efforts to improve participation in government programs of underrepresented groups; and

Increase levels of participation in the economy, government and community development for those groups.

The Initiative Office will coordinate with department heads for implementation of the Executive Order.

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