Sunday, March 09, 2014

Stupidity and Selfishness

I feel that stupidity and selfishness are the two main things that are wrong with this world and people in this world. 

Each is like a vice that can be irritating and frustrating on its own, but with their powers combined they can bring the universe to a standstill. 

Even if you are the most selfish person in the world if you aren't stupid then there will eventually be a limit to how greedy you are and how destructive you are. At some point you have to realize that if you act too selfishly there will be nothing left to possess and be selfish about. 

Even if you are the stupidest person in the world, if you aren't selfish then you will ultimately be harmless. You will be too stupid to actually affect anything around you in any real way. The fact that you aren't selfish means that you won't constantly seek pathetic ways of hiding your stupidity and blaming all others for your failings.

The last time I met someone who combined sheer stupidity with unfathomable selfishness I could not get upset at first. I wished my eyeballs could take video to capture what I was witnessing. I was too stunned at the uncanny world sucking abilities of this person. In my head I almost felt like I should bow down and worship this person, because in my head I was saying to myself, whatever God exists out there, who created us, that God probably facepalms when thinking about this person. This person would probably make God want to change the subject. What an honor to have met someone who the creator of the universe places in his fail folder.

If I had millions of dollars I would invest it in a marketing campaign to inform people of the dangers of mixing stupidity and selfishness. It would be something along the lines of "Friends, don't let friends be Stupid and Selfish."

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