Saturday, March 15, 2014

George Takei for Mike Honda

Michael --

Our democracy is a people's democracy, which makes it a double-edged sword -- it can be as great as our people can be, but as fallible as them as well. That's why I'm so glad that we have Congressman Mike Honda in Washington: he's someone who always stands up for those who need it most, no matter how unpopular or politically risky the position is at the time.

Since his first day in office, Mike has been a passionate and outspoken ally for the LGBT community, fighting for the rights of our community long before the Democratic Party as a whole would take up our cause.

A progressive champion, Mike has never backed down from a worthy fight, or buckled in the face of adversity. But now Mike is facing the fight of his career, fending off attacks from a well-funded opponent fueled by max-out contributions from far-right conservatives.

Will you join me and Democracy for America in standing with Mike Honda today by chipping in to help send our progressive champion back to Washington?

Many people know me best for my work on Star Trek. At its best, the show transported viewers from the comfort of their armchairs to a strange new world where we set aside our differences and found strength in our diversity, where healthcare was accessible to all, and where want and hunger were things of the past.

Mike is someone who has spent his life trying to create a world like that. As children, both of us grew up in internment camps, and from a young age these experiences left us both with a strong sense of social responsibility. Only by being involved in the public realm could we ensure the freedoms on which our nation was founded would continue to endure for all Americans.

In the aftermath of 9/11, Mike vigilantly guarded the rights of Muslims and Sikhs, and spoke out against the fear mongers of the time. He wouldn't allow our government to repeat the mistakes that led us to grow up in internment camps.

Will you stand with me and DFA in making a contribution to support Mike Honda and help send him back to Washington DC to keep fighting?

I don't always endorse candidates, but Congressman Mike Honda is at the top of my list. With your support, and the support of DFA members nationwide, I know that Mike will continue to be our progressive champion for years to come.

Thanks for standing with me and Mike,

- George Takei

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