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Estorian Taga'

Taga', the Great Maga'lahi of the CNMI and in particular the island of Tinian.

He is well-known for the latte house in Tinian that bears his name.

In Rota there is a statute of him that stands before the As Nieves quarry there.

LIke Gadao in Guam he is a larger than life figure for whom there are many stories and not just the ones that people write on monuments and record in story books. But like so many figures of this type there are those stories that are flattering and those that aren't so flattering. Taga' for example is not only associated with the erecting of great latte houses, but he is also known for being an angry and cruel parent. Take for example the story below from Pedero Ogo in 1962 about Taga'. Ogo is best known for helping Donald Topping and Bernadita Dungca with the creation of the Chamorro-English Dictionary that is widely used today. In this story, Taga' is not a great hero, but a father who sees that his son may surpass him in strength and therefore makes a plan to murder his son.

In some versions of this story the son is able to escape and flees to another island. In this version however, the sons does not.


Estorian Taga
Pedro Ogo 1962

Este na estoria, estorian put un antigu na taotao, na’ån-ña Si Taga’, yan i lahi-ña.

Si Taga’ anai sumåsaga’ guini giya Marianas, guaha lahi-ña lahi. Pues Si Taga’ gof ya-ña este na lahi-ña låhi, sa’ mampos bunitu yan metgot na taotao. Lao, este i lahi-ña mientras mas dumådangkolu, mas mumetgot, ya Si Taga’ hinasso-ña na siña ha’ ina’ñao gui’ ni patgon-ña. Pues, mientras i patgon sigi dumångkolu Si Taga’ ha a’atan todu i bidadå-ña i patgon.

Si Taga’ mampos tritriste, ya i hinasso-ña bumåbaba, sa’ dumådangkolu i patgon-ña yan mumetgot. Si Taga’ mama’tinas plånu na para u puno’ i lahi-ña yanggen esta metgotña i lahi-na kinu Guiya.

I patgon, anai sotteritu, eståba humågagando gi kanton tasi yan i ga-ña haguihi. I dos kumarera gi kanton tasi guihi gi papa’ trongkon niyok.

Pues duranten este i kumareran-ñiha, i haguihi mañodda’ måddok gi papa’ trongkon niyok.

Pues i lahi-ña Si Taga’ mampos ya-ña i ga’-ña haguihi ya ti ya-ña na u dingu. Pues, ha na’hålom i kannai-ña gi anai humålom i haguihi na ti maddok, ya duru ha cho’cho’ para u konne’.

Pues i maddok mampos tahdong, ya i lahen Taga’ ti siña esta mås hålom i kannai-ña sa’ kadada’ i kannai-ña ya i maddok mampos tahdong.

Pues mata’chong i lahi-ña Si Taga’ ya duru manhasso para taimanu nai para u konne’ i ga’-ña haguihi.

Pues, ti åpmam ha hasso na siña buente ha yengyong i trongkon niyok ya para u na’suha.

Pues anai duru ha yengyong i trongkon niyok tatfoi i minetgot-ña este na patgon esta ha na’mañaña’ i trongko ni tantos ha yengyong, ya despues ha bokbok.

Anai ha bokbok, ha sodda’ i ga-ña haguihi gi papa’ i trongkon niyok ya ha konne’.

Pues i tatå-ña i patgon eståba na ume’efresko gi hiyong guma’, ya ha li’e’ este i patgon i sinisedi-ña anai ha bokbok i trongkon niyok.

Pues, i tata mampo esta nina’luhan ni’ este i che’cho’-na i patgon anai ha bokbok i trongkon niyok, sa’ este ilek-ña na i patgon esta metgotña kinu Guiya.

Pues, anai ha li’e’ Si Taga’ este, mama’tinas plånu ya despues anai munhayan este i planu-ña, nu i para u puno’ i patgon, ha agang i patgon ya despues ha puno’.

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