Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Asunton Chamorro Siha

Asunto Chamorro Siha: A Chamorro Issues Roundtable
The newly created Chamorro Studies major track in the Pacific-Asian Studies Program is poised to be a bridge that will connect the Chamorro community to the University of Guam and vice versa. The Chamorro Studies program is dedicated to using the intellectual resources of the University of Guam to address major issues confronting the global Chamorro community. The first half of this session will feature a panel of undergraduate students doing Chamorro Studies themed research. They will share their work on excavating a largely buried but nonetheless significant event in recent Guam history, the uprising at Atate in Malesso, where Chamorro men liberated themselves from Japanese control prior to the American invasion. The second half will feature a panel of Chamorro Studies scholars who will discuss pertinent issues that are affecting Chamorros today such as the continuing quest for self-determination and the recent loss of former Congressman Ben Blaz. 

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