Wednesday, February 27, 2008

There Once Was a Man Named McCain...

I have to post this, because its so funny. I just heard it on The Colbert Report (its so nice that they have their writers back), and couldn't stop laughing.

There once was a man named Mccain
Who had the whole White House to gain.
But he was such a hobbyist
of boning his lobbyist.
So much for his '08 campaign.

This, is not the way things are shaping up however, since the lack of "sexiness" to the "lobbyist sex scandal" seems to make it for people a non-issue.

But as too few people (in particular pundits) are noting, the "lobbyist scandal" isn't so much about sex, but about the intimacy of John McCain's compaign with lobbyists, and how this will impact his attempt to portray himself as a clean politician, whose maverick status is best defined by his long-standing refusal to engage in generic Washington style corruption.

After campaigning so tirelessly against salapen Washington, try your best not to be surprised when you find out the total number of lobbyists that are working on McCain's campaign, and not just in marginal roles, but at the highest levels.

Here's a Youtube crash course for those interested in learning more about the "ethics" of John McCain. Be sure to look at the last link which is a report of George W. Bush attacking John McCain for his close ties to lobbyists in the 2000 campaign!

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