Fanslation Chamoru #2: Naruto #131 - I Na'an Gaara

I wrote last year that I'll be trying to put out Chamorro fanslations of manga comics, and asi'i' yu' because over the past few months, I've fallen behind. Its not that I haven't been translating, its more that I just haven't been uploading them.

I uploaded last year my first Fanslation which was from the manga Kekkaishi, a one part story titled "The Last Praise." It was a simple story about death, loss and the connections between the spirit world and this world, and so for these reasons I chose it to be the first.
The second that I've done is from the taichi na maguiaya na manga Naruto. As I wrote last year, I resisted reading Naruto for a long time, because it looked like just another dumb, senseless ninja comic. And basically dumb and senseless are ideal terms for describing the main character, Naruto. Eventually however I became attached to it, on the power of its supporting characters, such as Kakashi, Kabuto, Kisame and Might Guy. I even went so far as to write a poem for Kakashi, titled Kakashi, annai bumabatkon aire para Guahan gi i ma'pos na mes.

I do admit that Naruto can be very basic, and very repetitive. I mean how many times can Naruto claim he's going to be the "next Hokage" or how many times can they repeat the trope that we are strongest and surpass all limits and expectations so long as we are defending the ones we care for? But still, like all things which are "poppy" or written for a "general" audience, the fact that it is written to such a wide appeal, doesn't mean its without merit, or without interesting ideas or creative language or stories. In fact, in so called "poppy" things, we find so many archetypal ideas or fundamental notions, conveyed in sort of sledgehammer, blunt and obvious forms, it can actually be a refreshing or inspiring break.

Such is the case, in my opinion with Naruto. I definitely found this to be true in the character of Gaara. A ninja from the hidden village of Sand, who has a similar history as Naruto, since both enter the manga as jinchuuriki, who have been shunned or ignored by the villages around them. Their origins however, explain their differences in personality (at least at first, Gaara later completely changes his attitude). Although neither is loved by anyone they become the intentions that create them. As Gaara is created for strategic means, in an attempt to create a monster to work in service of the village, he becomes that coldness, that harsh and uncaring intention and becomes a deadly, angry monster. As Naruto is created through a altruistic, sacrifical and benevolent gesture of wanting to protect the village from the monster sealed in his belly, he always embodies that innocent, warm, loving and well meaning gesture.

The second fanslation Chamoru that I've made is part of the origin story of Gaara, "I Na'an Gaara" or "The Name Gaara." Please email me at and I'll send you the PDF. Again, as a warning, the Chamorro in these fanslations is my own, and not meant to be perfect Chamorro.


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