Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stuff I'm Reading...

First time I've ever tried this, but I always see other bloggers doing it, and I want to try it out.

I'm going to list some posts that I've come across lately on other blogs, which have caught my eye, and are insightful, creative or at least interesting.

I'm usually not much for peer pressure, but I'll take this one, because I'm working on a grant right now for CHELU Inc. and so I don't have much time for writing.

Didide' malangu yu' lokkue', ya kulang ti tunanas i hinasso-ku. Yanggen bai hu kefangge', siempre machalapon yan ti komprendeyon.

In case the links below don't sate your thirst for good blog posts, here's a picture of me presenting at the Pacific Worlds and America West Conference a few weeks ago at the University of Utah. Thanks to Trangdai Tranguyen for the photo:

Seeing this photo has actually made me freak out and realize that in three years I will be 30 years old. Lana, kulang bibihu i siniente-ku pa'go, ei adai.

the maile vine - Drinking the Obama Kool-aid
Yes he can! (But why?)

La Chola - the other brown candidate
You won't believe who it is!!!!

Brady Braves - Obama: Pro-"Indian" or Pro-"Indian" Player?
Is Obama truly a friend to the Native American community?

The Command Post - Decolonization of Guam
A serviceman on Guam takes up the cause of the island's decolonization

Galaide diaries - Australia-Guam Connection
One of the key reasons why being a territory sucks

Indigenous Issues Today - February 5-11 : Five Key Indigenous Peoples Issues
This blog is a great resource for information on indigenous people around the world.

Long Road - Rudd: "sorry"
On the recent apology by the Australian Government

Avant Dork - 7,999
If only it was just "8,000"

Decolonize Micronesia - Worst Person of the Year, Micronesia Edition
Inspired by Keith Olbermann, now Micronesia has its own...

The Saipan Blogger - Practicing My Culture
A few thoughts on indigenous conservation

Famoksaiyan Blog - Guma'famoksaiyan
The conference date is set, Guma'Famoksaiyan is happening May 23-25, 2008 in San Diego!

Guam Loves Jason Rosenberg - Gov. Dean in Guam
Howard Dean visits Guam.

(No, this is not a photo of Howard Dean visiting Guam. Just something I found on ebay.)


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