Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

I may not post much for the next two weeks, because frankly they look really busy.

1. Finish up helping CHELU Inc. with the writing of their application for an Administration of Native Americans Grant to assess the state of Chamorro language in San Diego.

2. I'll be at UCLA this week as a respondent for a panel that my cousin Alfred Flores is on.

3. Early next week I'll be up at UC Riverside where I'll be giving a guest lecture for Professor Robert Perez in the Ethnic Studies department. My lecture will deal with colonialism, militarization and indigenous rights and struggles through the example of Guam.

4. Then starting Wednesday next week the conference we've been planning for months in our department is finally happening! "Postcolonial" Futures in a Not Yet Postcolonial World: Locating the Intersections of Ethnic, Indigenous and Postcolonial Studies" is almost set to go. Right now, I am literally printing name tags and designing flyers and emailing out the schedules. Tomorrow morning I'll be off to pick up our poster for the conference which looks very nice.
The most recent conference schedule can be found by clicking here.
5. Then next weekend I'll be in Oberlin, Ohio for the 15th Biennial Midwest Asian American Student Conference, titled "Policy, Barriers and Justice."
6. Then during the next week I'll be way up north at CSU Stanislaus where I'll be presenting a paper at a conference there on Empire. The full title of the conference is Empire: Migrations, Diasporas, Networks and my paper's title is "The Fantasies of Empire: American Liberation and the Case of Guam."

Sorry, no more time for blog posting right now. But I will sate you all with images and flyers that we've made for the conference. Na'magof hamyo!
The first is a painting I did for my mother for Christmas a few years ago. The second is a drawing my brother did for flyers for the conference. The third is from the Koba Russell sketch book (Kiowa), graciously donated by Ross Frank from the Plains Indian Ledger Art Project. The last one is the conference logo designed by my brother Jack Lujan Bevacqua. Missing from this list is the artwork created for the official conference poster, designed and printed by Hi Rez Digital Solutions. I'll be sure to post the image soon.

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