Saturday, November 26, 2005

What a Difference Madasai Makes

After more than a year and a half of growing my hair out, last week I finally decided to get it cut. My reasons for the drastic change were several. First, I'll be going to Guam in two weeks and considering how warm it is there, short hair will probably save me from alot of sweating. Also, long hair is gof mappot to upkeep and maintain. Shampooing, conditioning, tying it up, brushing it, playing with it. Too much work. With short hair I can go back to forgetting that I have hair at all.

Its Thankgiving break and so I've spent the past few days with my family and its been interesting hearing the reactions to my new haircut. First of all, I should warn everyone, my intrepid brother Jack cut my hair, and his only two qualifications which make him an "intrepid cutter of hair" are that he owns a shaver and he cuts his own hair. Responses from my family as well as people who have only known me with long hair have been priceless, which is the reason for this post on my hair.

In my family, especially amongst my brothers and I, who we look like at any given moment quickly becomes a topic of conversation and means of both identifying and teasing each other. If one of us gets a new coat, another will inevitably call him "Bruce Willis" because Bruce Willis wore a coat that looked like that in Death Becomes Her. It is fun, and ideal for me because it helps me understand better Jacques Lacan's dissertation on hysteria and identity (as being external, rather than internal) (summed up perfectly by the remark that "who I am is an ex-timate part of me).

In this spirit of free and forced identification I'm going to post here, with pictures the top ten people or characters that I've been identified with over the past few days, based on my new haircut. Often times, these people look nothing like me but in whatever passing moment that it was uttered, a connection was somehow made between my look and this person. And so although it is often fleeting, there is something nonetheless interesting, hilarious and charming about these comparisions.

Here are the top ten, in the order in which I find them the coolest.

#10: The asparagus from Veggietales

#9: Bradley Whitford from The West Wing and Billy Madison

#8: Yahoo Serious from Mr. Accident and Young Eienstein

#7: Syndrome from The Incredibles

#6: Frankenstein

#5: A Chamorro Troll Doll

#4: Chris Bachalo, penciller for Sandman, Death: The High Cost of Living, and Generation X

#3: Kramer from Seinfeld

#2: Akuma from Street Fighter

#1: Hideo Sakaki's character from Kitamura's Versus.

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