Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Alain Badiou and Kanye West?

When you fall deep into the reading of a particular theoretical framework, if you ever imagine that you emerge from it, you will see that framework waiting within or stapled upon nearly all you encounter.

A confrontation with Hegel and The Phenomenology of Spirit will, like a rainstorm, leave traces upon your glasses which will follow you everywhere, always referring you back to "dialectics," Universal and the particular, and how the movement by which exteriority becomes interiority (something out there, always somehow becoming a manifestation of something "in here."). eading Derrida will always force one to confront the everyday and insurmountable impossibility and undeciability of life. Foucault, whether one likes it or not, makes amorphous and ambiguous "power" a regular part of your vocabulary.

After my recent encounter with the theories of Alain Badiou from Being and Event I found myself seeing and hearing his theories everywhere, even while I was walking from my office at UCSD to my car a half mile away. The connection which still sticks out of my head, much to my surprise is between Kanye West's Never Let Me Down and Badiou's theories about Truth and fidelity to the Event.

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