Sunday, November 20, 2005


For those who frequent my blog regularly, you might have noticed a bit of redecorating going on down the right side of the page. I've been blogging here for more than a year now and logged in more than 330 posts, so I decided it was time to start gathering together my "greatest hits" and just organizing my scattered posts so that people can get a better sense of my insanity (probably just a joke).

Just to orient you, I'll list the categories here and give a brief description of each of them.

FAMENTAYAN: The link to my old art website. Made more than six years ago after my first solo show, its very very dated, but still nice to look at. For those who teased me about my guest book, its not that no one comes by, its just that the guest book stopped working like five years ago.

FAVORITE POSTS: Obviously, the posts that I enjoy rereading the most and sharing with people.

GUINAYA - LOVE: A series of four crazy posts that I wrote in March of 2005, which basically set the tone for all personal crush crazy posts that follow. If you read them, you'll quickly learn the backstory, which amounts to this, "I just told I girl that I knew felt nothing for me, what I felt for her..."

KANTA/SONGS/BETSU/POEMS: All the poems and songs that I've posted on my blog. The majority of them are in Chamorro.

BLOGS: The blogs of friends and people I like. The majority of them are sadly not updated for often. I am always looking for more links, so if you want my to link to your blog here, please let me know.

TINIGE' SI NAOMI KLEIN: I've always been impressed with Naomi Klein's work, so each new article I come across of hers I post here to share. It always intrigues people that I have articles on my blog and zine that have nothing to do with Guam or the Pacific or Chamorros. But I usually use that article because its by Naomi Klein, Slavoj Zizek or some other author I enjoy. Her website is

SINEKKAI/ DATING HYSTERIA: The games of attraction and dating are somewhat foreign and frightening to me, so these posts are generally me ranting and complaining about this or that horrifying experience. Earlier this year, I diagnosed myself as a "dating hysteric" which means that "attraction" is something I have no idea what to do with when I feel it and end up descending or ascending into hysteria when I feel it. Too often what these posts really are, are vain attempts to get around this obstacle, by revealing in the privacy and publicity of my blog what I feel in vain hopes that those I feel it for will somehow make it in here to find it.

LET'S CHAT IN CHAMORU ABOUT HINDI MOVIES: Dialogues in Chamorro about Hindi movies. These as well as other dialogues and tirades I write in Chamorro are my futile attempts to break Chamorro out of the confining notions in which we too often think it and use it in. For example, the idea that Chamorro is a "social language" (for use at parties or informal situations) too easily plays into that sickening mentality through which the colonized and its objects become enthusiastically associated with not important and not serious things. (Chamorros are culture, jokes, kicking back things, while the United States is History, Government, Science, Politics. The problem with this is that the realms of uncapitalized and Capitalized concepts are hardly equal, but the Capitalized realm constantly enfringes upon and dictates what the uncapitalized is or is supposed to be). Much to the annoyance of both Chamorros and non-Chamorros, I often use Chamorro to attempt to speak about everything. Economics, politics, theory, history, culture, and even Anime and Hindi Movies.

TINIGE' THEORY: My writings on different theorists and theories. Some of them are response papers from the graduate courses at UCSD. Mots of them are pretty scattered theoretically and are far too inspired by Zizek.

TINIGE' ANIME: I've been watching more and more anime lately, not lots of different kinds but usually things made by similar directors or studios. When an anime impresses me I usually end up writing about it here and somehow incorporating Zizek, Lacan or some other theorist into my reading and reviewing.

B4K: These are updates on the comic me and my brothers are working on.

EMPE' FINAYI: Pieces of wisdom that I've come across and posted here.

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