Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Feminisms and Militarisms

Minagof siempre. Bula minagof. Hu risibi este na katta gi i email box-hu, ya gof malago' yu' bei na'tungo' hamyo put Guiya. Ti apmam i fine'nina na ofisiat na tinige'-hu para u mapublish! Gof ya-na i editor i tinige'-hu ya sesso ha email'i yu' put este. Didide' mamahlao yu' sesso, lao ti bei puni na magof yu' lokkue.

Gi i ma'pos na simana, hu risibi i dinescribe (description) i anthology nai u gaige i tinige'-hu. Pues put i minagof-hu, pine'lo-ku maolek na bei post gui' guini. Estague gui'.

Gender and Militarism Across the Asia-Pacific

This anthology brings together seminal and groundbreaking essays that examine the interlocking histories of militarism, colonization and resistance to militarism across the Asia-Pacific over the last half-century. Building on the work of scholars such as Cynthia Enloe and Margo Okazawa-Rey, the authors further elaborate and theorize the intersections of race, gender and militarization as specific modalities and technologies of colonization. Bringing together original contributions from fifteen international and US-based scholars, this collection analyzes the historical, institutional, and discursive processes of the militarization of geographies, cultures, subjectivities and bodies. In doing so, these essays interrogate the production of militarized and gendered subjects, homelands, and domestic spaces, and the invention of new cultural practices that are constitutive of the racialized-gendered economies of militarized displacements, diasporas and occupations.

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