Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Ever since it became really really easy to upload images onto my blog, I've been tempted to go all out and start posting images like crazy. I've noticed alot of people out there with photo blogs, which are always heavy on comments like

naturelover says:

photofetish says:
I love the color!

stapledeyelids says:
You have a real eye for nature. What camera are you using?

I'm tempted to go that route, just so I can get more comments. Two big problems are though that I don't have a digital camera and I don't have a scanner. Thus, the journey from the shoebox loads of photos I take with my Staples $2.94 Fujifilm cameras to the internet is a difficult one. I've actually done this before, I've borrowed my friend's digital camera and taken digital photos of my printed photos and then uploaded them onto the internet to send them to people.

I'm at my family's this week for Thanksgiving break, and so there is a scanner here, and so I've been going all out scanning my photos, drawings, sketches, etc.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine was laughing at me, because I'd posted on my blog that during my seminars in my graduate program I spend most of the time writing comic books. When people ask me how I can get so much done, my answer is its because I'm a jerk. I work the best when I'm not paying attention to something. During a lecture I can get a paper done for another class. During a colloquium I can do my readings for class (and still get some disrespectful soundbytes from the presentation). And at conferences while listening to panels I get so much crap done its not even funny.

This entire post has all been just an excuse for me to post one of the images that I scanned. During the most recent conference I attended, the American Studies Association I was able to get a lot of work done (and thankfully listened to alot of great panels (I'm serious, there was alot of Pacific Islanders there and so I was respectful and paid attention). I was also able to sketch alot of drawings. One of which, I've pasted to the right.

At conferences I tend to sketch two things. The first is beach scenes from Guam. The second is samurai. I really have no idea why I draw these two things, because first of all I tend to hate landscapes because as an artist I was asked too often to paint "pretty" landscapes, and would only do so when I really needed the money. Second, I am actually really terrible at drawing samurai except when they are in subdued baha' pat triste poses. When I try to draw samurai in vibrant, action-oriented positions they tend to look like rejects from the design pages for Gumby.

Given their regular appearances on my sketch pages, at some point I will have to do something to mix these two things together, possibly a comic? Hmmmm. That gives me a good idea....

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