Saturday, April 30, 2005

Spiritual vs. social

A few lyrics from the song Aya Tere Dar Par Diwana from the film Veer-Zaara.

I've broken past the world's structures and come to you
For your sake I've left the world behind...

Atrocity comes so easily to you
You and society are one and the same
These are the world's customs and I'm caught in their hold...

Thinking about this song, I'm reminded that all great, especially tragic or dramatic love stories are about a spiritual connection conflicting with social norms. There exist connections between people which naturally lie beneath our eyes or our sciences (societies) to explain. If we are lucky, these spiritual ties run parallel with society. Namely, if the one you are tied to in love, is one that by whatever rules society has created, allows you or affirms this love, then you are blessed. If not, if you're love is illegitimate, immoral, dissocial, then that connection conflicts with the ties societies prescribe and one must prepare for atrocities and tragedy.

But love is of course not the only thing that ties people together. Hatred can be just as powerful, as can be meloncholy, lust.

I remember Clive Owen's line about Mickey Rourke's character from Sin City, Marv, who breathes violence. In the time of the Roman's Marv would have commanded armies or become a hero for the lives he cut short, but in the world of today (Sin City's today), he doesn't fit. He sticks out of the world in an uncomfortable, almost unrealisticaly inauthentic way.

We are all thrown into our places in life, and if drama and sadness are what we want to avoid, then we might be fortunate to have the places we will occupy in life, fit within the general scheme of things. If not, then prepare for a life less ordinary.

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