Sunday, April 17, 2005

lingering land issues


Speaker hosts forum to iron out lingering land issues
by Ken Wetmore, KUAM NewsMonday, April 18, 2005

Speaker Mark Forbes chaired a second roundtable meeting to try to get a fix on how to help the Chamorro Land Trust Commission and other Government of Guam entities that deal with land issues. The CLTC has had chronic problems accomplishing its mission to lease land to Chamorros.Former CLTC director Ron Teehan said he attended today's hearing from the perspective of a concerned citizen. He announced, "I'm very pleased to see them on going. I think it's very useful; you have people presently and in the past bringing it together. Probably one of the most convoluted issues on Guam is land whether it's the land taking and releases, the Land Trust, how the two interconnect, and the various problems within the respective programs."Teehan and others gathered this morning and shared their perspectives on the problems and possible solutions for the CLTC. Speaker Forbes says he will hold another roundtable meeting next Monday to continue the discussions. The Speaker has asked the CLTC to come prepared to present a slide presentation and their status.

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