Sunday, April 24, 2005

gof yayas yu'

Oh ai adai, mampos yayas yu' esta. Kalang esta matto di matai i yinayas-hu.

I just finished what someone called my "conference circuit" for the year. I presented four different papers at four different conferences, in Berkeley, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

I had signed up for these four conferences last year, sending out a bunch of abstracts since I was bored in my program. I am grateful that I did, but also regret it. The regret comes from how tired I am, and although I got funding to help me with the conferences, it did cost me quite a bit to be travelling so muhc (lana, nenkanno' airpot, gof guaguan!). I didn't fall behind in my school work though, but I am just dreading now the fact that for the rest of the quarter, all I have to look forward to is school work.

And this leads me to some of the several reasons why I am magof dimasiao that I did do this. First of all, it forced me to write constantly. I've been writing nonstop since February trying to get these papers out, in addition to the regular writing I have to do for my classes. This writing not only pushed my own thinking, but it pushed me towards conceptualizing and writing my thesis. If I can get a prospectus together based on the different papers I've written and get my committee to approve it, then I will have a awesome headstart to getting the thing done, something I didn't have for my last master's thesis.

I'm also glad I did this, because it forced me to network and forced me to get out there and let other people hear and read my stuff. It was such an awesome feeling, having so many different people asking for a copy of my paper. People I don't know, who don't know me, but were impressed enough to formulate a request (this is of course, cool from my perspective, because I would never do such a thing, but for most people I'm sure its common and probably meaningless). All together for the four conferences I got more than three dozen requests for copies of my papers.

I don't mean to be too banidosu about this (although I should be allowed didide' ha'), but the point in doing all this, networking, presenting, writing is that I can build up a reputation, to where I can get my stuff published, get my name known, so that when I'm done with my current Ph.D program in San Diego, I can return to the University of Guam, and they won't be able to come up with any lame excuses not to hire me, which I have been told happened to many Chamorros and others from Guam who want to work there.

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