Monday, April 25, 2005


I have a stupid question, why do Chamorros like to shop at Ikea? Everytime I go there, I see at least one car with a Chamorro or Guam sticker on it. That means that everytime I go, there is at least one other Chamorro or possibly a family of Chamorros in Ikea with me, which considering the statistics of it all, that although there are alot of Chamorros in San Diego, there probably aren't that many, that so many could cluster in a place, unless there was something underneath that was drawing them there.

If anyone has any cool explainations, let me know. I'm not interested in any lame ones, because I've already thought of them (Chamorros manmeskinu umbee, Chamorros mambrodie, yan-niha manshopping bentana).

Thinking about Ikea, of course brings me as every other thing seems to lately, back to depression. Walking through Ikea alone, looking for a DVD rack, I realized that no one really goes to Ikea alone, especially not on a Sunday. Its a family affair, or a coupley thing. You drag the kids there, so they can mess up someone else's furniture for once. Or you take you're loved one these in order to deter yourself from further commitment issues or to stir them on. When I saw couples who weren't couples, namely umatungo' ha' or just friends, I realized that they weren't necessarily couples. Ikea is also the place where people take the people that they would be with if they weren't with their current significant other.

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