Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pakyo' put decolonization

For those who don't hear or read enough about the future of Guam in political status terms, head over to the Chamorro Information Activist message board, FANAHGUE'YAN. We haven't had a thread burn up this fast since last year's scandal over Chamorros versus Filipinos.

The fire amounts to a number of us from the CIA trying to deflate the patriotism of a new member to the board, who is frighteningly and dubiously named "Guamanifornia." He is vehemently opposed to any discussions about decolonization unless it means moving closer to the United States and being more patriotic. Much like George W. Bush he tosses around words such as freedom without thinking about them or caring who is in the crosshairs about to be shredded to pieces with this dispersal of "freedom." We are all the victims of his ideas, as critiquing the United States is impossible because it means we aren't appreciating the freedom they have given us.

To top it all off, he has admonished us for living in the past, and not understanding that "history" means that it happened and its over with. Ouch, hu diseseha na ti hobensitu este na taotao. Sa' ga'na'-ku an ti apmam tetehnan i tiempo-na guini gi hilo' tano' anggen taiguihi i hinasso-na. Yan an hoben, sina mampos apmam tetehnan, lao an manamko', ti apmam i tiempo-na nai sina hu tatse i otro na Chamorro siha ni' i gof mutong' na fino' patriotik.

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