Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Bush and flip flops

George W. Bush, the ultimate flip flopper. He is the master of flip flopping kwan.

I was remembering the other day how Bush, his pitbull Cheney and their apostles went hard after Kerry for his "flip flopping." Kerry was a wishy washy guy, always changing his mind, hardly leadership material. Bush in contrast, was supposed to be stiff and stubborn, the leader who, even though the majority of the country wanted the US out of Iraq, wouldn't even bend beneath the democratic pressure of his own electorate.

The funny thing though is that more and more, Bush is leaving behind that stubborness and embracing his flip flopping nature, becoming a greatly skilled and masterful artist. He is so great in fact, he makes John Kerry look like some confused, afigao, nedok novice. Bush is a pro, for reals umbee. Unlike Kerry who usually needed at least two statements to flip and flop (with the notable exception of his claim to "have voted for the funding for the Iraq war, before voting against it), Bush can flip flop with the greatest of ease, sometimes within a single sentence, or a single breath.

What makes this so utterly depressing, is the way that this vassilation is somehow nonetheless protected by Master Signifiers such as leadership and political strength, despite the fact that it rudely contradicts with the way Bush attempted to characterize himself previously.

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