Sunday, November 14, 2004

You know you're doing the right thing when...

You know you're doing the right thing when you make the haolified or deeply colonized Chamorros uncomfortable. I happened to type "minagahet" into Google and came across a lovely message thread where someone was trashing my websites as "brown trash" calling those who write on it or post on our message boards as "racists."

The fact that someone actually typed this down, and actually spelled the words properly means that I am having some sort of impact. Check out this exchange I came across.

Some guy...

I just wanted to say I surfed through the webring at the member sites and want to ask why you let members in that detract from the good spirit of the island? have you looked at the Kopbla Amerika page and their forum as well as minagahet zine? boy what a bunch of brown trash.

So some other cool guy responds...

What part of "anything and everything Chamorro" did you not understand? We are Chamorro's by birth and Americans by proclamation. So I feel that the first amamendment rights apply to all. Negativity is in the eye of the beholder. Those "negative" people as you so call them feel they are positive in their approach to what they feel.

The first, not cool guy responds...

Such racists, that's all. If that is the association you want for the ring, cool. I just thought you didn't read some of that garbage.

Then some other guy chimes in...

I agree with you, that place is kind of extreme thinking going on.

I am proud to be a part of the extreme brown trash segment of the Chamorro population! The only ones who seem to be doing any real critically thinking about the future of our island, rather than just praying that Uncle Sam will do everything for us.

I'd like to remind everyone that there was once a time on Guam where thinking that Chamorros could be US citizens was an extreme thought. And even thinking that a Chamorro was more civilized or better than a haole was insane (and if you listen to most Chamorros, its still unthinkable).

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