Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Anyone with some extra cash on their hands, please head over to, and donate whatever you can to keep them up and running. They are a very important website, in that they are critical of war from different sides, conservative, liberal, colonizer and colonized.

Justin Raimondo is a regular contributor to the site and his weekly editorials are very insightful.

I've actually been waiting for Bush to show up on another aircraft carrier, speaking with his crotch stuffed with manly vurility, in front of a sign saying "mission accomplished, election stolen!" Needless to say, the time for our voices of dissent, anger and resistance to be out there is most important than ever. Bush has been galvanized by his victory, and has his shown with his post-election party in Falujah, innocent lives? international law? Iraqi law? They don't mean a thing for a president with a mandate by 51% of the population (and 88% of all America's haole people). White America has pinned their pornographic nostalgia on George Bush, making him their "new great white hope," who will kill or subdue all the people who are different, whether they be Iraqis gasping for freedom, gay people, non-white people who want reasonable equality, or even just women in general.

Its very important that we continue to organize and speak out, which is why websites such as are so important. Bush won because he had fear on his side. Real nasty, ugly fear which he obviously helped generate and is all part of white people protecting their privilege and whiteness. I don't know what we've got on our side (whoever "we" are) but I'm sure its alot better, and not so rooted in blatant desire for massive social inequality.

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